1. What does "TNAAL" mean?

TNAAL is an acronym for The National Association of Adult Learners.

2. How much does the membership cost?

Our membership is free of charge!

3. What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Our benefits include: Tuition Discounts, Tailor coursework, Dedicated Advisor, Scholarships, Online Learning, Earned Experience Credits, and more.

4. How can you contact us?

You can reach us via email, mobile phone or through any of our social media platforms. All this information can be found at the bottom of our website.

5. What types of scholarships are available?

We offer undergraduate, graduate, and professional scholarships.

6. How do I know if I am eligible to apply for a scholarship?

Each scholarship has a different criterion. We have partnered with Scholarships 360, ISTS and College Board.

To access a TNAAL Scholarship the Adult Learner must:

  • Be enrolled in an accredited University or College.

  • Be an active TNAAL member.

  • Have a GPA of 3.5+ (for graduate and undergraduate scholarships) / 3.8+ (professional scholarship)

    For more information click here.

7. What is TNAAL’s award amount for scholarships?

TNAAL’s award amount for scholarships is between $500 and $2,000.

8. Can I apply for a scholarship before being accepted into a university?

Yes, it is possible to apply for a scholarship before being accepted into a university. However, the scholarship will not be awarded until enrolment is confirmed.

9. How do I apply for a TNAAL scholarship?

Click here to find the form you need to complete.

a. What should I submit with my scholarship application?

You’ll have to complete the form with some personal information as well as submitting an essay and a letter of recommendation.

b. What should I include in my scholarship essay?

Your essay should describe why you believe you should be the recipient of the scholarship.

10. Do the scholarship funds go directly to me?

Once awarded the scholarship the funds will be sent directly to your school on your behalf.

11. What happens if I need to suspend my studies in the same semester that my scholarship is awarded?

If you need to suspend your studied, the scholarship is still available to use withing the following 6 months as long as the deadlines have been met and the scholarship has been awarded.

12. How can I get access to career opportunities?

Go to https://adultlearners.org/career-center/ and complete the form if you are searching for new career opportunities!

13. Are there any scholarships that can support me to study overseas?

We are sorry but for now we do not offer scholarships overseas, they are meant only for the US.

TNAAL's mission is to advocate for your educational and professional success, thereby advancing your legacy and that of future generations to come.

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