Even though more universities are reopening, students have found the benefits of creating a functional, stylish, and comfortable place to work from home. Whether you exclusively take online courses, or are looking for a study space to cram for your next exam, a home office can help you achieve your goals. Organizing and putting your space into order will maximize your study hours, and make the most of your time spent on schoolwork at home. Here’s how you can set up your home office for studying. After reading through these suggestions, you might find yourself inspired to get your home office ready for your next study session.

Incorporate your style

One of the best ways to make a space productive is to make it feel like you. Therefore, you should be incorporating your personal style into your home study space. Are you a minimalist who likes a simple, clean and organized aesthetic? Do you thrive when surrounded by books, blankets, candles, and comfy chairs? Do you like cheerful colors to brighten your space, or are you better enabled to study by cool neutrals? Whatever it is that makes you feel comfortable and productive, bring that into your work space. You can look at Pinterest or Google to look for inspiration, and even design a mood board to help figure out what your workspace should look like. If you can, consider painting the walls to give the space a fresh start. Plants, lighting, curtains, mirrors, and art are all great ways to bring your personality to your workspace.

Set up your workspace

After you’ve decided on a theme for your workspace, it’s time to get it set up. Whether you have a full room, a corner of your bedroom, or even something you put away when you’re done using it, setting up is half the battle. Make sure you have a clear, flat surface to organize your work and set your computer up. No one wants their computer sliding away, or note cards falling down in the cracks of a couch, so a great desk is a must. You might also find it beneficial to have a supportive chair, access to good lighting, and the ability to close the door if necessary to avoid distractions. Being able to have a private workspace will allow you to really focus. That way, you won’t have to pay attention to what your roommate is watching on TV, or listen to your parents’ discussion about what’s for dinner when you have a deadline for your term paper.

Keep it tidy

Overall, you’re going to want to keep your workspace tidy and clear of clutter. When there’s a lot of things around, it can be difficult to get into the right mindset to get work done in a timely manner. Additionally, you might find yourself losing things you wanted to work on, or wasting time searching through a stack of papers for your chemistry notes. Instead, make sure you’re creating a system for yourself for storage, as well as making sure the room is overall a good space to study. Give yourself plenty of access to fresh air, as well as natural lighting to keep you motivated and energized throughout the day.

Remove distractions

This can be difficult, but it’s absolutely essential. When possible, remove all distractions from your study space. Even though you might go into it with the best of intentions, if you’re easily distracted, you could find yourself wasting study hours by spending time scrolling through Instagram, playing video games, or flipping through a magazine. As tempting as it can be to have pets or friends nearby when studying, oftentimes closing the door can help create that space for you to really focus. If you’re distracted by what’s going on outside your window, try to select a study space with a view that won’t keep you occupied on external things.

Set a schedule

No one wants to spend all their time locked away in a room by themselves studying. That’s boring, and frankly, no fun. However, if you’re the type of person who needs absolute quiet to study, you might benefit from making yourself a study or work schedule. If you share your living space with others, cue them in as to when you might be studying so they can try to respect your need for quiet during that time. They’ll also know not to disrupt you when you’re busy hitting the books as well. Don’t be afraid to maintain your boundaries, and remind those in your life that you need this time to accomplish your goals.

Even though working and studying from home has its challenges, with these tips you’re sure to be able to find a way to make it work for you. Remember to have fun, incorporate your sense of style, and create a space that helps you achieve your studying goals.